Top 6 Boating Adventures

December 21st, 2012

If you’re bored of adventures on land, perhaps you should take your next trip on water. There are many exciting boating trips you can take, each with varying levels of thrills. There are some great options if you want a more relaxing time too. Here are some of the top ways you can enjoy being out on the water:

A Cruise

If you like to treat yourself to a luxurious time, in which you get to experience many exotic locations, then a cruise could be just the holiday for you. Whether you decide to go Mediterranean, Caribbean, or somewhere else, the on-board bars, pools and other entertainment options will keep you busy during the whole trip, not just while you’re on land.


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Whether you’re experienced or not, a fishing trip can be a wonderfully relaxing way to while the time away. Sitting out in a lake on a beautiful day, waiting for a bite is a very soothing experience, and actually catching a fish or two is just the icing on the cake. If you catch a particularly delicious looking fish, you can even take it home with you for dinner!


Snorkelling is an exciting, breathtaking thing to do, particularly in regions known for their beautiful, brightly coloured fish. It’s also a safe, easy way to enjoy sealife, that doesn’t require any special training. Just equip yourself with a wetsuit (if in a cold area) and a snorkelling mask, and you can get lost for hours, just staring in awe at the wonderful animals under the sea.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is similar to snorkelling in that it’s an excellent way to see what the world under the ocean has to offer. It requires special training in order to be able to do it, but once you’ve completed it you’ll be able to go deeper under the surface than with snorkelling, and so be able to see even more beautiful sealife, and at a closer range.


If you prefer something a little more adrenaline pumping, then waterskiing could be just what the doctor ordered. Rigged up to a speedboat, you can ski along behind it at great speeds. If you get really talented at it, you can even try doing some jumps and flips.


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Canoes are one of the most basic types of boat there is, but they’re also one of the most fun. A canoe trip with friends is an incredible way to see the world around you, and it’s particularly fulfilling because you get to new places under your own steam. If you take the time to learn the proper techniques, you’ll be speeding along in no time, meaning you can go further and for longer, making the trip even better.

Whatever level of excitement you prefer, there are types of boat trip to suit all people. If you like high adrenaline, exciting adventures, then waterskiing and other similar watersports are a good choice. If you prefer to relax, then a cruise or a fishing trip would suit you down to the ground.

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